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How to stimulate the child to brush their teeth

Often children do not want to brush their teeth or most of the time do not know how to brush effectively. Many parents face difficulties in this regard, although they try different methods. It becomes most difficult when parents do not have time to follow or help the child's hygiene in the morning and evening.

In these cases the child will certainly have inflamed, painful red gums from food residues that remain on the teeth for days, weeks or even months. Due to these inflammations, the gums will be so fragile, bleeding, painful that the child will totally refuse to touch them by brushing his teeth. From here later derives the caries that will scare him even more.

Learning how to brush your teeth requires patience, consistency and a gram of play. It is essential to keep in mind that everything that remains around the gum and on the tooth must be cleaned.

And children should use a dental accessory such as floss or mouthwash to prevent unpleasant odors, cavities and most importantly inflammation of the gums (those swollen red gums, delicate or painful to the touch we mentioned earlier).

The sooner they learn to clean well, the longer they will have healthy teeth.

How can you stimulate your child to clean his teeth well?

Here are some ideas:

Choose the toothbrush and toothpaste that were recommended to you by the dentist together with the child or let him initially choose his own toothbrush that he likes, but not the toothpaste. Toothpaste should be with the amount of fluoride suitable for age.

Choose an attractive brush or help him personalize it with stickers, with your favorite designs. They can also be glued on the interdental floss or the oral irrigator. Children and adults also use the oral irrigator more easily to clean between teeth.

Kids love to play, tell them they are kittens, pandas any cute animal that has just eaten and wants to clean their teeth. Put her favorite song so that she feels comfortable and time passes quickly until her teeth are clean.

Be gentle when you remind them to brush their teeth.

Oral care should be induced without stress, in a positive way, as a pleasant experience.

If your child refuses or finds it difficult to clean his teeth, it is ok, every child needs time and patience, but until he becomes autonomous, help him brush his teeth, do not neglect him.

Be an example! Nothing works better than the example of parents.

Some children need an authority to teach them how to clean their teeth, so to facilitate your effort, bring him in time for a check-up, a toothbrushing, so he will become familiar with the care environment. oral and will learn very easily how to take care of teeth.

With clean teeth,

Dr. Mezdrea


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