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How to choose a good dentist

I have been working in the national and international dental field for over 22 years and I, same as you need to choose professional doctors for oral and general health and I hope that through my experience I can help you make the right choices.

First of all, it is useful to know that dental medicine includes several specializations and each dentist excels better in one or more of them.

For example: the orthodontist specializes in aligning teeth, the endodontist specializes in dental root treatments, the prosthodontics in treatments that includes dental crowns and prostheses, the pedodontist does dental treatments for children, the periodontist deals with your gums and the general dentist performs a little from each or only a part of them, depending on predilection and talent.

Usually when we have a dental problem, we either request a dentist recommendation from an acquaintance, friends or family, or we look in the media/internet for a specialist who can solve the dental problem.

Regardless of the method by which you choose your dentist, it is important to inform yourself carefully beforehand.

This means seeing if the dentist has a website, a social media page where the dental work is exposed transparently. Read the dentist biography, see how many years the dentist has been active in the field, what specialisations has achieved, what recognitions or appreciations has from patients, see as many cases as possible before and after the treatments performed, see what values ​​has. Is he working minimally invasive work, if that's important to you? Is the doctor attentive to details? Is it a doctor who educates you and helps you prevent? Is it updated with the new techniques and materials useful for practicing the profession? Does the dentist have enough time and patience to listen to you and advise you about your health? Is it a trustworthy dentist ? Does the dentist lead by exemple in oral care ?

Or is he a doctor who is not sufficiently prepared, is he a doctor who is radical in his thinking, a doctor who follows trends too much, who is not sufficiently attentive to the long-term consequences? Is he a doctor who prioritizes profit over health?

These are the questions you have to ask yourself, when you want a truly professional dentist.

The questions that I have mentioned in this article, I personally ask myself whenever it is necessary to find a good doctor in any specialty and I can assure you that if you answer them honestly, you will not make a mistake in solving the situations related to your oral and general health.

Smile with Confidence,

Dr. Stefania Mezdrea


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