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Hand hygiene

I think you've heard of germophobia, which causes you to become obsessed with germs, bacteria and viruses. It is the phobia that most doctors develop due to in-depth studies of diseases, bacteria and viruses. During college, I sometimes traveled by public transportation and when I returned home I cleaned my clothes and shoes even on my feet with sanitary napkins or washed from A to Z.

Through the education I received, I learned about personal hygiene but also about the hygiene of bacterially loaded spaces.

I learned that the antibacterial gel is useful only after washing your hands with soap and water. The antibacterial gel usually contains alcohol but does not kill norovirus, Clostridium difficile or Cryptosporidium, which can kill life in conditions of low immunity or associated with other diseases. If we are not near a water source, we can clean ourselves with antibacterial wipes and only later with antiseptic gel.

Quality antibacterial soaps contain triclosan or triclocarban and look impressive, but it has been scientifically proven that nothing is more effective than the mechanical removal of bacteria from hands and surfaces by rubbing with soap and water. The foam derived from rubbing hands with soap and water removes bacteria best.

The only disadvantage is that excessive washing dries the skin, further aggressing the protective film, our barrier against germs, diseases, allergies. To avoid this, you can use a cream that contains glycerin, oils, fats or moisturizing butter, preferably as natural or organic as possible.

Moisturize your hands after washing your hands

If your hands dry too much, it means that you have to choose a soap with a neutral or alkaline pH. Hands that are too dry, completely dehydrated or with wounds, cuts, scratches are more vulnerable to infections or allergies.

Let's not forget the nails, they must be shortened and cleaned very well with nail brushes.

Hand and nail hygiene is essential every time we enter the house from shopping or after touching multiple surfaces.

With clean hands and nails,

Dr. Stefania Mezdrea.


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