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Manual or electric toothbrush?

From my point of view it is simpler and more efficient to use the electric toothbrush.

You will not hurt your gums, you will remove more bacterial plaque and the pressure you exert on your teeth and gums is digitally controlled.

It is important for both the electric and the manual toothbrush to choose the end of your toothbrush according to your oral status. For these details, ask the dentist who is attentive to dental prevention or the periodontist who takes care of your gums.

Often, due to the haste or the feeling that the manual or electric brush does not clean enough, you tend to press very hard on the gum or buy brushes with hard brushes. You should know that hard brushes attack the enamel and gums. Hard and quick brushing will contribute to irreversible gum retraction.

Once the gum is withdrawn, only surgical or minimally invasive methods can bring the gum back. This is why it is important to use the brush correctly, whether it is manual or electric. In order not to injure the gums, you can choose a manual or electric toothbrush with medium or soft brushes.

Periuța manuală și electrică
Manual and electric toothbrush

The brushing technique on the manual toothbrush should be circular or from the gum to the edge of the tooth with an inclination of 45 degrees in favor of removing as much food residue as possible between the gum and the tooth.

The electric toothbrush is simpler, position the toothbrush on the tooth so as to remove as much residue as possible along the gum. Try to clean each tooth around at least 3 seconds carefully at the junction between the gum and the tooth because that is where most of the bacterial plaque accumulates.

If you press too hard on the gum, there is a red LED on the electric toothbrush that warns you when you hurt the gum.

In conclusion, it is important to brush your teeth correctly, whether it is a manual or electric toothbrush, to choose brushes of medium or soft hardness and to ask the dentist to show you exactly the technique that suits you depending on the status of your teeth and of your requirements.

With electric toothbrush,

Dr. Stefania Mezdrea


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