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How to choose a good dentist

Modern dentistry has advanced a lot, so the most capable dentists specialize in a certain segment of dentistry. A good professional, in principle, does not perform any work because dentistry includes many specializations that require time, expertise, skill, courses, congresses, workshops.

The existing dental specializations in Romania are: dento-alveolar and oro-facial surgery, dento-facial orthodontics and orthopedics, dental prosthetics, periodontology and endodontics. Unfortunately, at the moment, in our faculty of dentistry there is no specialization in dental cosmetics, a branch already present for many years abroad which is very important for the prevention and maintenance of your natural teeth.

In order to know how to choose a professional dentist, you need to find out how many years he has been practicing, what specializations he has done and in which field he is the most experienced. To show you the cases made similar to your problem and to communicate effectively to you which are the best options for you. A professional dentist is up to date with current techniques and materials and is continuously trained in the country and abroad.

To know how to choose a capable dentist, you must first know the oral problems you face. You can find out this very easily, following a few routine and specialized consultations with recommended dentists or dentists who inspire you with confidence from the online and offline environment.

You make the biggest difference through the exposed cases and the acquired expertise. Look at his work, his resume, his values. Consult with the dentist who gives you confidence, who explains your language and who offers you a treatment plan that you feel resonates with.

Inform yourself and look for the dentist you want to treat yourself and do not accept any doctor you are assigned ex officio.

For example, if you have problems with bleeding gums or are already diagnosed with gum disease or periodontitis you will need an experienced periodontist. Look for it and you will find it! If you have a deep caries with nerve damage you will need a canal treatment performed by an endodontist. Dental implants are made by an implantologist or dental surgeon. Complex dental alignment is performed by a specialist orthodontist.

When you need your teeth to look as good as possible visually and functionally but also to prevent oral diseases in time, you will need a general dentist with expertise in oral prevention, dental restoration, dental prosthetics and dental cosmetics.

An experienced dentist can most certainly offer the right solutions for the patient. All the more so if he constantly participates in its training at national and international level. The more complex your situation, the more I recommend an experienced dentist because through the many cases he has developed his perception, skill and knows exactly how to help you. You can often find the dentist with long experience in his own office or clinic.

In large clinics you will meet many young dentists at the beginning of the road who are there to gain as much experience as possible. You will rarely find them in the same place for more than 10 years, because many of them, after gaining enough experience, open their own office or remain collaborating specialists.

A capable dentist is the one who does well what he communicates to you. You instantly perceive him as a firm professional who keeps his commitments. He is relaxed and in control of the situation.

A professional dentist, you don't just choose it according to the convenient schedule, location at hand or according to the lowest costs.

A capable dentist is one who knows where and to whom to refer you, depending on your oral conditions, your needs and possibilities.

A professional dentist does not meet unrealistic expectations. When you want to solve dental problems as quickly and economically as possible, do not expect miracles. Excellence requires time, mutual patience, financial investment and maintenance.

The professional dentist is your model of care and constantly determines you to Smile with Confidence!

With good choices,

Dr. Stefania Mezdrea

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