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About teeth whitening

I'm afraid to whiten my teeth!

It's the phrase I often hear in my office, but I'm here to update you on the whitening procedure by which your teeth can become white without affecting the tooth structure.

Before brushing your teeth at home or in the office, seek a consultation with a dentist specializing in dental cosmetics. Following this consultation you will receive valuable information on the right products and techniques for your teeth.

You should know that not every tooth structure can whiten and the use of products with high percentages of hydrogen peroxide can irritate the gums or create tooth sensitivity.

Avoid testing commercial products directly on your teeth! It is safer to be guided in this regard, plus that before any whitening is indicated a descaling, a professional brushing and an airflow (jet of baking soda with water that cleans stains of coffee, nicotine, Coca-Cola, wine or other drinks or food stained) so that the teeth are cleaned before the whitening treatment.

Home hygiene will be preceded by the use of a whitening toothpaste, floss or mouthwash to maintain impeccable whitening in the spaces between the teeth.

If you have tooth sensitivity you can use a toothpaste with nanohydroxyapatite or tin fluoride, along with an electric or manual toothbrush with soft brushes.

But what are the current whitening methods?

There are two types of whitening methods: at home and in the dental office.

Whitening at home is a surface whitening, you can do it with strips, pens or gutters loaded with gel. It takes about a week to see results.

If you want a deeper whitening, of more shades, you need whitening in the office. Your gums will be protected and the gel will act strictly on the tooth.

In an hour in the office you will see a considerable difference from the initial shade. If you want very white teeth and the shade of your teeth is very dark, it is necessary to whiten your teeth both in the office and at home several times.

Teeth whitening is a safe procedure that does not create discomfort or tooth sensitivity

For the maintenance of white teeth you must follow the post-whitening instructions. Do not eat colored foods and drinks for the first 48 hours, use a white toothpaste or for teeth whitening. Mouthwash should be white, transparent or for teeth whitening.

Minimally invasive whitening methods with low percentages of hydrogen peroxide are best for the health of your teeth.

I am waiting for you with confidence and don't forget, before trying any whitening method, come to a complete hygiene and ask for an opinion on the products you want to use at home, so that your teeth are as white and healthy as possible.

With natural white teeth,

Dr. Stefania Mezdrea


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