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How to keep your teeth white after drinking coffee

What do you need to know if you like coffee but still want white teeth?

If you are used to drinking coffee, the best thing you can do is to drink water immediately after it. I know you love the aroma of coffee and you don't like the idea too much, but it's the only solution I know at the moment to remove the caffeine film from the tooth enamel.

Brushing your teeth with whitening paste can be done 30 minutes after drinking coffee because the salivary pH decreases, becomes acidic and demineralizes the enamel.

Cafeaua si alimentele colorate nu te impiedică să ai dinții albi, dacă știi cum să ai grijă de ei
Coffee and colored foods do not prevent you from having white teeth, if you know how to take care of them

This usually happens when you eat or drink food, so I recommend you wait the 30 minutes (time required for neutral pH) so as not to aggress the enamel or sensitize it.

If you have recently bleached your teeth and still can't resist the scent of coffee, try to drink coffee with a straw in the first 24-48 hours after whitening, rinse with water afterwards and wash with whitening paste after 30 minutes. To keep your teeth white you can always drink with straw any intensely colored liquid.

A teeth whitening refreshment either at home or in the office or an airflow at your favorite dentist helps you keep your teeth flawless.

At home you can use custom whitening strips or gutters with gel but you must follow the instructions of your dentist and not abuse their use.

Whether you have whitened your teeth or not, these tips can help you keep your teeth whiter and cleaner.

With a smile

Dr. Stefania Mezdrea


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