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Oral hygiene with an interdental toothbrush

The interdental toothbrush is an important accessory in oral hygiene, especially for people who have dental work: bridges, crowns, crowns on the implant, dental alignment devices or simply if there are spaces between the teeth where food residues accumulate.

They can be of different sizes as in the picture.

Usually, the small ones are the most used, but if the interdental space allows you can use any size as long as you do not hurt the gums.

You can use the interdental toothbrush with or without gingival gel or toothpaste.

After each use, the end of the interdental brush should be washed under running water. However, it will be discarded in case of any small damage.

If after lunch you can't brush your teeth at home, I recommend that you always have an interdental toothbrush with a lid or an interdental floss with you. It will definitely save you from interdental caries but especially from the situations in which you have food left between your teeth.

The interdental toothbrush is ideal for perfect hygiene, especially if you have dental work or a dental alignment device. It is economical and easy to transport.

Use it with confidence! You will be cleaner and your breathing will be fresher!

With fresh breath,

Dr. Stefania Mezdrea


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