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The oral irrigator is essential for a well-groomed mouth

The oral irrigator is the oral hygiene accessory that helps you clean the spaces between the teeth without irritating the gums.

I must remind you that the toothbrush is not enough for complete oral hygiene. Therefore, you should use floss and mouth irrigation to clean the gaps between the teeth.

I, personally, have been using the mouth irrigator for several years and I love it because it takes up little space, it is cleaned by simple rinsing, the tank is easy to fill and the battery holds me long enough. I confidently recommend it to my patients to maintain: a neat mouth, dental work performed and to have a fresh breath.

Irigatorul bucal, accesoriu preferat pentru o igienă orală completă.
Oral irrigator, the preferred accessory for complete oral hygiene.

This accessory is great because it gives you the opportunity to refresh your breath through the efficiency of the air jet and water or mouthwash.

The efficiency of the spray head allows the removal of debris between the teeth even from hard to reach places.

I recommend it to everyone and especially to people whose gums bleed, they have a predisposition to inflamed gums (red, painful gums) to those diagnosed with periodontitis, to those suffering from halitophobia (unpleasant odor) but also to those who want to have impeccable oral hygiene. .

If you do not use interdental floss or interdental brush, the oral irrigator is the best solution to sanitize the interdental spaces.

With a smile

Dr. Stefania Mezdrea


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