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Tongue cleaner for impeccable oral hygiene

The tongue cleaner is a device specially designed to remove bacteria from the surface of the tongue.

The design created corresponds to the shape of the language. The narrow shape in the posterior area allows the tongue to be cleaned easily, so the vomiting reflex is diminished.

The use of the tongue cleaner is especially beneficial in halitosis (bad breath), when you eat a lot of snacks or carbohydrates or especially if you smoke. After each use it is important to rinse the tongue cleaner with water.

At a certain interval you have to change it or disinfect it with alcohol, chlorhexidine or special disinfectants for oral accessories that you can find in the pharmacy.

The tongue cleaner helps you to have fewer bacteria in the oral cavity, to prevent oral infections, to have a healthier mouth and fresh breath.

With fewer bacteria on the tongue,

Dr. Stefania Mezdrea


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